What about Apostolic Eschatology?

There has been significant confusion in the church over the years regarding the End-Time scenario. But now a new movement is sweeping the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches that challenges the very idea that we are in the End-Times and that Jesus is coming soon. They call it “Apostolic Eschatology” but it is just a new spin on an old error from the Middle Ages called “Preterism” which teaches that all of the prophecies of Scripture regarding the end of the age were fulfilled in the First-Century. Though there are variations among those who teach this “Apostolic Eschatolgy,” and not all would identify themselves as “Preterists,” the conclusions they draw are the same. The church must take over the culture and rule and reign over the nations before Jesus can come.  Believers are taught to focus their attention on this goal and reject the notion that the Anti-Christ or the Judgment are close at hand. “Everything is getting better” they proclaim despite the fact that the signs of the end are evident even to those who don’t know Christ. The Bible warned us that such teachers would come saying “Where is the promise of His coming” and that deception would increase as the time drew near.

 The purpose of this website is to present the true Biblical Eschatology taught by the apostles of our Lord and awaken the church to the soon return of Christ. We approach Bible prophecy from the Hebraic perspective of the early church, which was devoid of Replacement Theology and where Israel’s central role was celebrated and not just tolerated! This site presents a fresh perspective in many ways. If you read our books and watch our videos you will be educated on the various end-time scenarios, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. You will also get a perspective on the Bride of Christ that is absent from most Bible Prophecy teaching and you will see where the work and presence of the Holy Spirit in the church today is acknowledged and welcomed. If you want to know more about end-times or Bible prophecy, this site is a must for your favorite’s toolbar!

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