Another Middle-East War?

As the Days of Awe begin from Rosh HaShanah to Yom Kippur, the world is in an uproar over Syria. The President is in Moscow for the G20 and is in a bit of a Jam since he is already committed to a “limited”strike and has little or no support. His Russian “Reset” friend threatens him face to face while he has sent another warship to the region, and this morning there are unconfirmed reports that China, yes China, has sent a warship with 1000 Marines. Now people are all upset again. But if they were paying attention none of this would be a surprise. The Syrian situation has been going on for a couple of years and over 100,000 have died. It has already involved Israel and Lebanon and Hamas and a host of others. However, one does not have to be a prophet to know that the situation will get much worse before it gets better. It is all contained in the Bible. In fact, there are pages and pages of information. Let’s take this one verse from Ezekiel 28:

“Thus says the Lord God, ‘When I gather the house of Israel from the people’s among whom they are scattered, and shall manifest My holiness in them in the sight of the nations, then they will live in their land which I gave to My servant Jacob. And they will live in it securely; and they will build houses, plant vineyards, and live securely, when I execute judgments upon all who scorn them round about them. Then they will know that I am The Lord their God.”

Two worlds wars were fought to bring Israel home and since they have come home the Middle-East has been at war. And my dear friend it is not going to change anytime soon. Get used to the Middle-East dominating the news because it has and will until Jesus comes. By the way, it’s also a clue that His coming is near. In any event, there is a war on the horizon, and although it promises to be a big one, it’s not Armageddon or the Gog-Magog war which occur later. This one is going to be about Israel’s right to exist which is something that will not be an issue when it’s over. You will say, “No it’s about Syria or it’s a Sunni versus Shia conflict.” No my friend, those are only the igniters. When the powder keg blows it will be about Israel. The First World War began with a shooting in a far away country and it ended with The British Mandate and General Allenby marching into Jerusalem. The Second World War began with a crazy tyrant in Germany and ended with the Jewish homeland. This conflict is about lots of things but when and if the missiles fly they won’t just be coming from US ships or planes but they will come from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza into the heart of Israel. And when they do the fury of God Almighty will be unleashed on the nations “round about them.” When it’s all over Israel will be stronger than ever – an exceedingly great army (Ezekiel 37:10). They will not be kowtowing to John Kerry or Mahmoud Abbas, but they may even be bold enough to rebuild the Temple. Later on they will kowtow again to the pressure of the nations and then the rest of Scripture will be fulfilled.

It would be very interesting if this strike were to happen, and maybe even before these Jewish Feasts are over. Will the President back down? Will the circumstances or his pride allow him to? Will Putin provoke him? Is America being judged because of our forcing Israel to divide God’s land (Joel 3:2). I realize that its not popular anymore, even in the church, to suggest that God judges nations, but popular is almost always wrong. Nonetheless, stick around and find out the other side of our Heavenly Daddy.

Though it is looking like the President may back down and not strike at all. However, if he does the enemies of Israel will be more emboldened and please don’t forget the other Red Line set by the Prime Minister of Israel. One way or another a Big Middle-East war is on the horizon. The stage is set and desolations are determined. The Jewish New Year has begun and it’s not 5774. It’s more likely 5974. We know it as 2013/2014 the time when we have four consecutive Blood Red Moons on Jewish feasts. The last time it happened was 1967 and 1968 during the Six Day War and before that 1949 and 1950 during the War of Independence. And now here we go again! Dear friend, it’s time to wake up and believe in God and His Coming Messiah Jesus Christ. These are truly days of awe!

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