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Blood Moons – Sign of What?

This morning on Passover, April 15th, we saw the beginning of the Blood Moon Tetrad. The Internet is now a buzz with those who saw and enjoyed the eclipse and those who were looking hours earlier or in the wrong continent and presumed it to be a hoax. Others, many of them professing Christians, were mocking the event as another crackpot apocalyptic prediction. “April 15th came and went and nothing happened,” they said, even though no one had actually said anything would. However, some pastors and teachers have unwisely connected the event with the Cosmic Signs prophesied by the prophet Joel, and almost all the Hebrew prophets including the Messiah, which occur at the end of the Tribulation period. These Cosmic Signs are not Eclipses, but catastrophic events that are the result of a period of upheaval so great that Jesus said if it had not been cut short (3 1/2 yrs), no life would be saved out of 7 Billion people. Read More

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