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World War III & The Coming Revival? (Part 4)

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In the last three articles we discussed the history of the parallel restoration of Israel and the church. We saw that in each case where there was an impasse between the plan of God for the Jewish people and the agenda of the nations, either a world war or a Mid-East war ensued. Now here we are again. Israel is being surrounded by radical terrorists and ostracized by the nations. A Middle-East war is already underway and Israel will be drawn into the conflict any day with devastating results. Likewise, the nations of the world plan to squeeze and boycott the only democracy in the Middle-East and force them to accept a Palestinian State by the end of September – coinciding with the last Blood Moon on the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles. Thus there is potential for this to be become a world war as well. With the number of nations already involved many believe we are already there. One thing is clear however; there will be no ceasefire or armistice with ISIS. These radical Islamists will continue their march until they are stopped by force. Nevertheless, when it is all over the Middle-East will be rearranged and the status of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will have changed. Having drawn this conclusion then with regard to the Middle-East struggle, we will now focus on what God is doing with the church.

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