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Unmasking the Spirit of Compromise


by PJ Hanley

The recent demise of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, sent shock waves through Hollywood and forced media bosses and political elites to run for cover. And as Harvey squirmed in denial, more and more females revealed sordid details of sexual harassment in the hall of shame and fame, giving us a stunning look behind the curtain. And though it is no surprise, of course, that Hollywood is corrupt, it is somewhat shocking to see the magnitude and complacency of the cover up. They knew it was happening yet they said nothing and did nothing. They accepted it as a necessary step to a successful career – the price to be paid for fame and fortune. After all, they had to stick together, and suck up to the good old boys who rewarded their loyalty and compromise with gigs and connections. Now as their hypocrisy is being exposed, they are seriously rattled and are either denying their denial or attempting to suddenly grow a conscience. Nevertheless, something big has happened here – something unusual indeed. How could one confession have such a domino effect? Why after all the years of paying and playing, did the lid fly off and the ugly contents get exposed? Read More

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