Islamic Caliphate Myth

7 Reasons Why the Beast is Not a Muslim Caliphate

by PJ Hanley

The latest Brexit referendum and the failed coup and subsequent “cleansing” in Turkey, have given the Muslim Caliphate Theory of Joel Richardson new legs with many. However, there is no real reason for this.  So far Brexit is just a vote and even if it is actually carried out it does not mean the end of the EU. Furthermore, Turkey’s cleansing of more than 50,000 people, that is still going on, only indicates that it is unstable and could go either way. If it were to become a radical Muslim state aligned with Russia, it would still likely be temporary. As a Sunni state it would have to fight Iran and Iraq, as well as all the other Shia forces in the Middle-East, and convince the Saudis to join, to become a caliphate. This is very unlikely and Turkey could indeed become part of the EU as well as play a vital role in the Middle-East conflicts to come. The following are 7 reasons why I believe the beast of Daniel (2&7) and Revelation (13 & 17) will not be fulfilled by an Islamic Caliphate!

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World War III & The Coming Revival? (Part 3)

war and revival p1

In the last two posts we discussed the parallel restoration of Israel and the church that began in the Twentieth Century. We discovered that each time there was a restoration of God’s promises to Israel in the last days there was also a significant revival and restoration in the church. Another pattern we observed is that when Israel is at an impasse and cannot move forward the result is either a Middle-East war or a major world war. Twenty years ago the Oslo Accords began the scenario that will culminate in the covenant or treaty of Daniel’s Seventieth Week. This treaty will divide Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (Rev 11:2) and allow Israel to worship God in the Holy Place once again. However, three and a half years into this time of Middle-East Peace and Security the Treaty will be broken by the one revealed as the Anti-Christ and the Tribulation period will begin (1Thess 5:3). Since this is the outcome then, we can analyze the current situation and safely predict the path of the perfect storm that is now churning in the Middle-East.

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The ‘Mid-East Beast’ Myth, Why Israel Will Not Be Ruled by a Caliphate, by PJ Hanley

I was recently prevailed upon to read a book by a man named Joel Richardson called “Mid East Beast.” In it the author claims to make a “Scriptural case for an Islamic Anti-Christ.” I was already aware of this new theory and had heard others speak of it, and while I found their arguments interesting I was unconvinced. However, since ISIS is now declaring a Caliphate, and Glen Beck and World Net Daily are sounding the alarm, and the book is considered a must read by the prestigious Chuck Missler, I decided to give it a go. Naturally, since it came with such recommendations, I assumed that there was some Biblical scholarship presented that might be refreshing and challenging. But now that I have read it, I can only say that I was shocked by its lack of depth.

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