What’s Happening in the Revival Churches?

DSC_0142-2We’re just back from a fabulous time in the Republic of Ireland, where PJ shared a NEW teaching: “What is Happening in the Revival Churches?” The latest seminar from Understanding Bible Prophecy is now available! Continue below for the recordings from our sessions in Ireland.  Read More

We’re coming to Europe!


United Kingdom (9th – 17th August, 2016)
Republic of Ireland (18th August – 12th September, 2016)
Italy (13th September – 27th September, 2016)
Contact us to book PJ & Kathy Hanley to minister to your church, small group, or venue!

whatintheworldOn this trip we’ll be holding the Understanding Bible Prophecy Seminar .

And, for those who have been through the standard seminar before, PJ will be sharing a new, “What in the World?!” seminar update. This seminar will discuss current global trends and biblical prophecy in the news, to give you a hope filled, biblical perspective of the days ahead.

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