Grace Gone Wild

Grace Gone Wild by PJ Hanley

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There is a new movement sweeping the church.
It’s adherents call it the “Grace Revolution” – a separation between “grace teaching” and “law teaching.” It’s not a “gentle reformation,” they insist, but a revolt against “religious legalism and hypocrisy.” However, the problem with this movement is not the grace but the so-called “truth” that accompanies it. To have a grace revolution we must have a truth revolution as well. Grace without truth is really Grace Gone Wild.This book examines the teachings that have come to be known as “Hyper Grace” and corrects the distortions upon which they are founded. It presents a unique Hebraic perspective which restores the integrity of Scripture and demolishes the stronghold of “Law versus Grace” that has been built up in the minds of contemporary believers.Grace Gone Wild is a must read for all believers who love the truth of God’s word as well as the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

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