The 7 Lost Keys of End-Time Prophecy: Unlocking the Mysteries and Dispelling the Myths Surrounding the Coming of Christ, by PJ Hanley

This book replaces the Understanding Bible Prophecy textbook and answers all your questions on End-Times!

Do we really need another book on End-Times? With all the Left-Behind movies, Armageddon scenarios, Mystery Babylon theories, Revelation Trumpets, and Mid-East Beast teachings, what’s left to talk about? Could there be something we haven’t heard? The answer is amazingly yes! Despite all the best sellers, the church continues to be ignorant and confused about End-Times. Many questions remain unanswered and controversies continue to grow. Are we in the End-Times? How do we know for sure? Is God’s judgment coming or is everything going to get better? Will Islam take over the world? What will happen to Israel? Will Christians have to endure the Tribulation? Can we know when it will happen or is it unknowable? Why do we have so many theories among Christians? Jesus told His followers that we would know the mysteries of the kingdom and that the Holy Spirit would tell us what is to come! Nevertheless, many mysteries remain and some seem unknowable. Could it be that there is something missing? Have the passages been misinterpreted? Have the ancient clues been misread? Is there wisdom yet to be discovered? Were the keys to the End-Time scenario lost to the church? The answer is, amazingly, yes! This book contains the Seven Lost Keys that unlock the End-Time drama and solve the timeless puzzles. Once you discover them you will no longer be confused, frightened, or shaken from your composure. You will instead be filled with excitement about the return of Christ? Do you have questions about the end of the age that have not been answered? Have you been told that none of it matters, yet you know in your heart it really does? If the answer is yes, then this book is for you!

They Call Themselves Apostles by PJ Hanley

41Igo5renpLWhat is the New Apostolic Reformation or the New Apostolic Age? Where have all the apostles in the Body of Christ come from? Are they the ones that will bring heaven down to earth? Will the Local Church be replaced by Apostolic Centers? Will these apostles transform culture and take the 7 Mountains? What is formal alignment? Have you or your church been aligned? Are end-time judgments coming or is everything going to get better now that the apostles are restored? By examining the method and message of the current apostolic movement, this book uncovers the true foundation of the Church and the agenda of the Father in the last days. By speaking the truth in love, it dissolves the clouds of ignorance used by the enemy to tranquilize the Church, and lead her astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.     Available on


Grace Gone Wild by PJ Hanley

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There is a new movement sweeping the church.
It’s adherents call it the “Grace Revolution” – a separation between “grace teaching” and “law teaching.” It’s not a “gentle reformation,” they insist, but a revolt against “religious legalism and hypocrisy.” However, the problem with this movement is not the grace but the so-called “truth” that accompanies it. To have a grace revolution we must have a truth revolution as well. Grace without truth is really Grace Gone Wild.This book examines the teachings that have come to be known as “Hyper Grace” and corrects the distortions upon which they are founded. It presents a unique Hebraic perspective which restores the integrity of Scripture and demolishes the stronghold of “Law versus Grace” that has been built up in the minds of contemporary believers.Grace Gone Wild is a must read for all believers who love the truth of God’s word as well as the Presence of the Holy Spirit.


 IMG_9214Israel Awakening by PJ Hanley

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What is it about Israel that is so special?
How has she survived millennia of persecution and oppression?
Why is she once again the central focus of world attention and politics?
Could this be the time when the Father restores the kingdom to her?
Israel is the delight of God’s heart, the apple of His eye, His firstborn son (Ex 4:22), His sovereign choice, His special possession, and His eternal dwelling and glory (Is 46:13). She is the focus of Scripture, the burden of the prophets and the tears of the Messiah.PJ Hanley has written a book intended to open the eyes of Christians to the central role of Israel in the plan of God. It’s a spiritual journey from the past to the present and beyond. It examines the doctrines and attitudes of the modern church, which defraud Israel and contribute to the curse of Scriptural blindness, deadness and lack of the Spirit’s power. It’s not a journey for the weak or frail who prefer the comfort and familiarity of their surroundings to the discovery and adventure of the pioneer. However, it’s a journey that must be traveled and a destination the church must reach before the advent of the King!




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