The 7 Lost Keys of End-Time Prophecy

The 7 Lost Keys of End-Time Prophecy: Unlocking the Mysteries and Dispelling the Myths Surrounding the Coming of Christ, by PJ Hanley

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This book replaces the Understanding Bible Prophecy textbook and answers all your questions on End-Times!

Do we really need another book on End-Times? With all the Left-Behind movies, Armageddon scenarios, Mystery Babylon theories, Revelation Trumpets, and Mid-East Beast teachings, what’s left to talk about? Could there be something we haven’t heard? The answer is amazingly yes! Despite all the best sellers, the church continues to be ignorant and confused about End-Times. Many questions remain unanswered and controversies continue to grow. Are we in the End-Times? How do we know for sure? Is God’s judgment coming or is everything going to get better? Will Islam take over the world? What will happen to Israel? Will Christians have to endure the Tribulation? Can we know when it will happen or is it unknowable? Why do we have so many theories among Christians? Jesus told His followers that we would know the mysteries of the kingdom and that the Holy Spirit would tell us what is to come! Nevertheless, many mysteries remain and some seem unknowable. Could it be that there is something missing? Have the passages been misinterpreted? Have the ancient clues been misread? Is there wisdom yet to be discovered? Were the keys to the End-Time scenario lost to the church? The answer is, amazingly, yes! This book contains the Seven Lost Keys that unlock the End-Time drama and solve the timeless puzzles. Once you discover them you will no longer be confused, frightened, or shaken from your composure. You will instead be filled with excitement about the return of Christ? Do you have questions about the end of the age that have not been answered? Have you been told that none of it matters, yet you know in your heart it really does? If the answer is yes, then this book is for you.

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