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Many believe the end is very close. Even among skeptics, there is a feeling that we have reached a critical mass. But the Bible has predicted these days and God has given us very clear signs regarding this time. “Understanding Bible Prophecy” offers a fresh and balanced perspective on end-times, as well as an explanation of the central role of Israel in history and the days ahead.

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  • Read more as PJ shares on the coming World War and Revival...

    Read more as PJ shares on the coming World War and Revival...

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World War III & The Coming Revival? (Part 1)

war and revival

It seems that war follows revival and I’m not just referring to the schisms and heresies that so often plague movements in the aftermath of an outpouring. Indeed, both the First and Second Great Awakenings in America were followed by the Revolutionary War and the bloody Civil War between the North and South. Is there possibly a link between these two radically different events? Their proximity to one another is indeed intriguing. Nevertheless, when it comes to the restoration of Israel and how it corresponds to that of the Church in the Twentieth Century, it would seem that War and Revival are not only connected but are two sides of the same coin.

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Jesus Soon Coming – Gloomy Fatalism?


Recently I read an article in Charisma by a famous revivalist, whom I respect, which contained the following comments on Eschatology:

“This study of last things is also important to revival. I believe we are going to see a turning from a doom-and-gloom view of the end times, in which we expect the church to be lukewarm, to an end-times view of hope, purpose, victory and great revival.” (Emphasis Mine) Read More

The ‘Mid-East Beast’ Myth, Why Israel Will Not Be Ruled by a Caliphate, by PJ Hanley


I was recently prevailed upon to read a book by a man named Joel Richardson called “Mid East Beast.” In it the author claims to make a “Scriptural case for an Islamic Anti-Christ.” I was already aware of this new theory and had heard others speak of it, and while I found their arguments interesting I was unconvinced. However, since ISIS is now declaring a Caliphate, and Glen Beck and World Net Daily are sounding the alarm, and the book is considered a must read by the prestigious Chuck Missler, I decided to give it a go. Naturally, since it came with such recommendations, I assumed that there was some Biblical scholarship presented that might be refreshing and challenging. But now that I have read it, I can only say that I was shocked by its lack of depth.

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Blood Moons – Sign of What?


This morning on Passover, April 15th, we saw the beginning of the Blood Moon Tetrad. The Internet is now a buzz with those who saw and enjoyed the eclipse and those who were looking hours earlier or in the wrong continent and presumed it to be a hoax. Others, many of them professing Christians, were mocking the event as another crackpot apocalyptic prediction. “April 15th came and went and nothing happened,” they said, even though no one had actually said anything would. However, some pastors and teachers have unwisely connected the event with the Cosmic Signs prophesied by the prophet Joel, and almost all the Hebrew prophets including the Messiah, which occur at the end of the Tribulation period. These Cosmic Signs are not Eclipses, but catastrophic events that are the result of a period of upheaval so great that Jesus said if it had not been cut short (3 1/2 yrs), no life would be saved out of 7 Billion people. Read More

Truth Matters

After nearly forty years in Christian ministry, I have never seen a spirit of confusion and deception, like that which has been released in the church today. The Apostle Paul warned us that a time would come when Christians would be unable to digest sound teaching but would instead crave messages that feel good and confirm their own agenda. There is no longer any doubt that this day has come and it’s all the more reason we should be diligent to study what is being presented and not merely accept what is popular? The Bible tells us that the Bereans were noble minded and though they received the word with eagerness, they examined the Scriptures daily to see if the things being said were true. They didn’t check their brains at the door and neither can we. Read More

Blood Moon Prophecy

For interesting information on the Blood Moon Tetrads of 2014 & 2015 and related prophetic significance, check out bloodmoonprophecy.com .

* Note – www.bloodmoonprophecy.com is an external and non related site from Understanding Bible Prophecy. While we refer you to their page, we are not responsible nor willing to “die for” ;)  their content.

Another Middle-East War?

As the Days of Awe begin from Rosh HaShanah to Yom Kippur, the world is in an uproar over Syria. The President is in Moscow for the G20 and is in a bit of a Jam since he is already committed to a “limited”strike and has little or no support. His Russian “Reset” friend threatens him face to face while he has sent another warship to the region, and this morning there are unconfirmed reports that China, yes China, has sent a warship with 1000 Marines. Now people are all upset again. But if they were paying attention none of this would be a surprise. The Syrian situation has been going on for a couple of years and over 100,000 have died. It has already involved Israel and Lebanon and Hamas and a host of others. However, one does not have to be a prophet to know that the situation will get much worse before it gets better. It is all contained in the Bible. Read More

What about Apostolic Eschatology?

There has been significant confusion in the church over the years regarding the End-Time scenario. But now a new movement is sweeping the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches that challenges the very idea that we are in the End-Times and that Jesus is coming soon. They call it “Apostolic Eschatology” but it is just a new spin on an old error Read More

Global Governance Agenda

Amazing Videos on the Global Governance Agenda

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