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Subjects covered:
Israel’s Restoration – Key to the End of the Age
How the restoration promised to Israel is the key to understanding end-times!
Times of the Gentiles and its Completion
Jesus said that Jerusalem would be trodden under foot until the times of the Gentiles were completed Luke 21:24. What is this Time of The Gentiles and how is it different from the Fullness of the Gentiles mentioned in Rom 11?
From the Hebrew Prophets to the Book of Revelation – How they fit together!
The book of Revelation can only be interpreted and understood in light of the prophets of Israel and their words concerning the Day of the Lord!
The Olivet Discourse and the Teachings of Paul
Jesus teaching on the Mt. of Olives is referred to as the Olivet Discourse. This teaching is recorded in three of the gospels. PJ will clarify the Olivet Discourse and harmonize it with the rest of Scripture, especially the writings of Paul.
The Day of the Lord and the Rapture
The Day of the Lord is the missing key to not only understanding the Book of Revelation but also the timing of the Rapture!
“The Day and the Hour,” What can we know?
Did Jesus expect us to know about the timing of His coming? What we can learn about this statement from the Feasts of Israel!
The Remnant Bride – The Mystery Unveiled
PJ will unfold the mystery of the Bridal remnant that was hidden to the prophets of Israel but revealed to the early church. He will show how the Bride of Christ is a first fruit company that is completely devoted to Jesus and that is taken to Him during the 70th Week!
Understanding the Move of God Today and the False Church 
PJ explains what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church today and also how the Harlot of Revelation 17 is emerging!

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