Trump, Globalism and Bible Prophecy


by PJ Hanley

The election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States is a political earthquake, greater than Brexit, that is sending shockwaves throughout the world. Liberals freaking out, colleges having crying sessions, and young fascists shouting violence in the streets, underscore the great victory for freedom that has been wrought. The American people have decided who will represent them in Washington and the world condemns us again. For the last twenty years, these same people ripped us as power hungry colonialists for meddling in the Middle East, and having troops in their countries. But now that we have elected someone who wants to end all that, they seem to hate us more. Charges of Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, Islamophobia, KKK, and every hate name in the book are being leveled against Trump and the sixty million “deplorables” who voted for him. But are these charges true? Of course not! This is the standard propaganda that comes from the “educated” elite who don’t want to be confused with the facts. The ones who have given their lives to the blurring of all moral lines that are suddenly shocked about Trump’s immoral past. But is all the anger and hate really about concern for people’s lives and freedoms? Hardly! It’s about something much more sinister – Globalism versus Nationalism. The dream of the socialist bankers and billionaires and the “New World Order” machine, that wants to eradicate all borders and dominate the world, has suffered a setback and they are ready to make us pay. It’s a “whitelash” they say (no racism in that) – white men are responsible. I didn’t know white opinions didn’t matter – did you? Ordinary people of rural America, who didn’t drink the Kool Aid of “higher learning” and refused the microchip of the liberal media have put a monkey wrench in the UN 2030 Agenda. But if you think this is the end of it, think again. The global elite who are certain they know what’s best for the world are not out of options. They will strike again and complete their Anti-Christ agenda. Concerning this the Bible is clear. However, since this is such a shift by a nation that, judging from all the hoopla is still considered the leader of the West, we must understand what it all means. How does it fit into Biblical Prophecy of the End-Times?

Revival in America?

Many church leaders have been suggesting that the Trump win would usher in a massive revival in the United States. There is no doubt that those who prophesied his rise to power were correct. However, this does not validate theologies that are contrary to God’s word. The ascendancy of Christians to important places of government (Mike Pence and others) will preserve religious freedom and ensure a better country for all in the short term, but it will not bring a spiritual awakening. Only a massive conversion of Americans could bring that about and history teaches us that even such awakenings are short lived. Nevertheless, the political environment will bring a relief of governmental repression of Americans, and especially Christians, who have long been the target of the social engineers. This truly is a major victory and one I am excited about. However, I am also concerned that those who teach Dominion Theology[i] will be emboldened and their message will become more palatable to believers on account of this development. Though God has a purpose and a plan for this new administration, it will not bring about revival. Only the Holy Spirit can bring revival to God’s people and politics are never going to usher in the kingdom of God. The moral decline that we have seen continues and was even advanced in some places by the events of the past week. We may have gotten the government off our backs but our enemies have become more radical. The Bible warns us that darkness will increase on the earth prior to Jesus’ return. Make no mistake about it we are at the end of the age and the events of the Tribulation period are on the horizon.

Is Globalism Dead?

Globalism and the emergence of a One World Alliance taken over by the Antichrist, is guaranteed to take place since it is prophesied in Scripture.[ii] However, on account of Brexit and now the Trump election, many are concluding that globalism is dead. But this is not the case. The globalists may be down but they are not out. On the contrary, they are more invigorated than ever. They are not going to let all their hard work be wasted. No indeed. They have achieved great success with the European Union and have succeeded in their goal to indoctrinate a whole new generation that is ready to execute their plan. Having been raised, or not raised, by morally bankrupt parents, they became wards of the State and have been enlisted to fight the fight of the ages. Having never fought in a real war, been under tyrannical rule, or tasted the cost of freedom, they see this as their great cause and they are ready to shed blood. Simply stated, it is to unite the world as one, shake off all vestiges of the “Christian” past, and create a Utopia where sensuous pleasure reigns, and religion, if it exists at all, is to support this goal. As we have seen with Brexit and now the election of Trump, Millennials are the one group that is not on the train. This is the guarantee that the nightmare of globalism is alive and well and will indeed fulfill the Prophetic Word.

Brexit +++

In the summer I wrote two articles on Brexit and why it would not signal the breakup of the European Union. Now just a few months later, despite the referendum, the plan seems to be stalled. Parliament has to vote. So much for the will of the people. But anyone who is paying attention knows that globalists are not committed to democracy. One has only to look at how the EU is structured. The parliament is meaningless and merely gives the people a feeling of self-government while the political elite in the EU Commission run the show. Now look at the US election. Trump has been the President Elect for only two days and there is anarchy in the streets. Millennials in the major metropolitan areas reject the votes of the people and insist that Trump is not their President. Why? Because he is not duly elected? No! Because he doesn’t have their agenda and they are burning effigy’s and the American flag and shouting death to the President Elect. Folks this is not Iran; it is the United States. Americans don’t burn effigy’s and the Star Spangle Banner? Americans don’t reject democracy? Do they? No, these are not Americans they are globalists and democracy means nothing to them. These are the “educated” – the Millennials, that have been raised and trained by the globalist leftist elite and they will stop at nothing to get their way. Dear friends, though we thank God for the years of freedom we are about to enjoy, it will not last. Storm clouds are gathering and the next time the globalists will leave nothing to chance.

Is Trump Cyrus?

Some Christian leaders have proclaimed that Trump would be elected and be a type of Cyrus the Great – a secular ruler who allowed the Jews to return to the land and rebuild the Temple, even financing the project. This was largely interpreted as a God given opportunity to advance the kingdom of God in America. I have already expressed my concerns along this line. There is no doubt that something miraculous has happened. We have been shown mercy by God. It is a Josiah moment.[iii] The world is stunned by it and none of them believed it was possible. Nevertheless, it has happened. Since we know that God is the one who rules over the affairs of men,[iv] despite their rejection of Him, why then has he raised up Donald Trump at this time? Perhaps it is to answer our prayers and give us a break. I accept that. But maybe it has greater ramifications for the prophetic timetable. Trump will likely be the friendliest President ever as far as Israel is concerned. Could this be the reason he has been raised up at this time? Could he actually be a type of Cyrus and his presidency be about Israel? Only time will tell. But the next restoration for Israel, and the next event to occur in the prophetic timetable, is the consecration of the Temple Mount and the rebuilding of the Temple. Could this be the mind of the Lord? Could this be a response to the demonic proclamations of UNESCO, declaring that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and even the Western Wall, and attempting to erase three thousand years of history? Is the building of the Temple about to begin? With the Jubilee anniversary of 1967, and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State (1947/48) taking place in 2017, could there be something greater about to happen? Could Donald J Trump have come to the White house for such a time as this?

[i] The notion that Christians must take Dominion over the world before Jesus comes.

[ii] Rev 13:7-8

[iii] Josiah was a king of Judah who brought repentance and restoration to the nation the like of which had not been seen since the time of David. Yet it was too late. Judgment came after his death.

[iv] Daniel 4:17

3 Responses to Trump, Globalism and Bible Prophecy

  1. Michael Worley says:

    Awesome. I read Daniel 7, and saw where Daniel prophesied the Lion had wings of an eagle. Then, the wings were plucked, and the beast was given the heart of a man. To me, the Lion is the UK and the wings represent the US, which was birthed out of England through the Declaration of Independece.

    I am not sure where the US will be in the near future, but I have to believe, in full agreement with you, that the US may now stand up for Israel under Trump’s presidency. Given the US’s abstention from the UN vote regarding Israel’s settlements as illegal, I will be glad to see the O go.

    Thank you for your dedication to Biblical Prophecy, deriving conclusion from context, not pretext.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Michael,
      The lion is Babylon, the bear Media Persia, The leopard is Greece, the 4th beast is Rome and the final Empire combined. I explain this in my book.

      Bless you! PJ

  2. Bernadette Meehan says:

    Amen! Right on!

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