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World War III & The Coming Revival? (Conclusion)

war and revival p1

We started this series of posts discussing events in the Middle-East and the connection between war, prophetic fulfillment, and revival. Now as the summer winds down and September looms, we are poised to see a major escalation of all three. On September 13th, the 29 of the Hebrew month Elul, there will be another solar eclipse. This is also the beginning of the Jubilee year of 2015/2016. The last Jubilee was 1967 which was also the last time the Tetrad of Blood Moons appeared on Jewish feasts. And we all know now how significant that year was for the restoration of Israel and the Church. Now something even more significant may be about to happen. As we look at the prophetic events remaining, we have solid evidence of what is on the horizon for Israel and the nations. I want to conclude this series then by examining what may be the next move of restoration for the Body of Christ.

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