7 Reasons Why the Beast is Not a Muslim Caliphate

by PJ Hanley

The latest Brexit referendum and the failed coup and subsequent “cleansing” in Turkey, have given the Muslim Caliphate Theory of Joel Richardson new legs with many. However, there is no real reason for this.  So far Brexit is just a vote and even if it is actually carried out it does not mean the end of the EU. Furthermore, Turkey’s cleansing of more than 50,000 people, that is still going on, only indicates that it is unstable and could go either way. If it were to become a radical Muslim state aligned with Russia, it would still likely be temporary. As a Sunni state it would have to fight Iran and Iraq, as well as all the other Shia forces in the Middle-East, and convince the Saudis to join, to become a caliphate. This is very unlikely and Turkey could indeed become part of the EU as well as play a vital role in the Middle-East conflicts to come. The following are 7 reasons why I believe the beast of Daniel (2&7) and Revelation (13 & 17) will not be fulfilled by an Islamic Caliphate!


  1. Daniel’s prophecy of the 4TH Beast at the end of the age (Dan 2&7) was Rome period.
  • 4TH Beast (Rome) & the Last Empire are the same in the prophecy
  • The feet & the toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue came from Rome
  • To suggest that the 4TH Beast was not Rome & to replace it with the Revival of a Muslim Caliphate that appeared 600 years later is utter foolishness.
  • The 70TH Week Prophecy applies to the People, the City & the Holy Place and is not in effect when the people are not in the land
  1. Emergence of the EU (beginning in 1948) – Revived Roman Empire would have to be complete coincidence. The prophecies of Daniel 2 make it clear that this is an Alliance and is not like the original Roman Empire. It is formed with Iron and clay. The current Brexit situation is merely emphasizing the clay and not the iron. Furthermore, an alliance of 10 nations coming out of the old Roman Empire is all that is needed to fulfill the prophecy (Rev 17:12).
  2. The prince of the people to come would destroy the City & the Sanctuary. Dan 9:26 This was clearly carried out by the Romans and not a Muslim Caliphate. It also implies that the Antichrist was associated with a Revived Roman Empire & not an Islamic Caliphate.
  3. Israel will not be part of a Caliphate and such a Caliphate would never tolerate Israel or make peace with them or share the Holy Place voluntarily.
  4. The association of the Beast with the City of Rome is clear in Revelation 17:18
  5. The Muslim Nations are seriously divided – at war with themselves
  6. The Last Empire is an alliance (Dan 2:42-43, Rev 17:12-13) and a Caliphate would not be.

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